How to Respond to a Character Call for Sweetest Taboo

I am extremely picky when it comes to responses for my story. I know what I want, how I want it, and if I can't work with it, there's a pretty good chance that I won't even consider it.

Below you will find a sample response to a Character Call. The questions asked were similar to those asked in the current Character Call that is being conducted, and any future Character Calls that may be conducted.

It is a detailed response, and in order for me to work with the character, create the character and have a storyline for the character, I need as much detail as possible. Yes, there are some instances where detailed information isn't necessary, but the more information I have, the more I can work with it and the better the chance the character won't be written off due to lack of content in their storyline.

On some occasions, I have already got an idea in my head and will mix my ideas with yours, thus creating a storyline of sorts for the character. This situation is what happened in the Sample Response...but it is not always the case.

If you have any questions, please use the Feedback section to get in touch with me. However, if you want to respond to a Character Call, please follow the guidelines set forth in the Character Call section.

Sample Response

Information given in Character Call Request:

Giselle Carolynn Garcia (Carly)

Background information on character: Carly is the best friend of Ashleigh Brown (Patrick Stump's girlfriend). Carly is originally from Miami, and moved to Los Angeles in 1999.

Response to Character Call:

Giselle Carolynn Garcia was born on October 27, 1980 in Miami, Florida. Carly is the youngest of five and has two older brothers and two older sisters. Her mother, Rosalinda, is a nurse at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami and her father, Andres, is a state trooper for the Florida Highway Patrol. Her cousin Jayden is her best friend. Her siblings are: her brothers Andres, Jr. "Junior" (8.12.74) and Antonio "Tony" (1.26.76) and her sisters Anabella "Ana" (9.4.77) and Maricella Natalia "Nat" (3.30.79), She is closest to Maricella since they are closer in age. She is an aunt and the godmother of Junior's daughter Isabella (2.8.02).

Pictures used for Carly are of Christina Aguilera and all physical features of Carly are those of Christina Aguilera. Carly is the "peace maker" of the group in the story. She is outgoing once you get to know her, loyal to her friends and family, a hard worker, and determined to get what she wants.

Carly moved to Los Angeles in early 1999 after applying for and getting an internship with Interscope Records. When she moved to Los Angeles, feeling a bit alone as she was living by herself for the first time ever, she got a brown Yorktese from the Humane Society and named her Brownie. In 2001, she decided to move when her lease was coming up and moved into a gorgeous new apartment in the same building as Pete Wentz, who had also just moved to Los Angeles. Carly and Pete became good friends and would constantly spend time with each other [this was around the time when Pete was dating Kaley and before he bought his house in Hollywood Hills]. In 2002, Carly was home in Los Angeles after touring with another band and went to a bar/club and ran into Ashleigh and a friend of hers. The three exchanged numbers after getting along great that night and became fast friends afterwards.

Carly works for Interscope Records in Los Angeles (Santa Monica) and has worked in various capacities for Interscope Records over the years. Most notably was when she toured with Express Yourself Clearly (better known as E.Y.C.), who are no longer in the music business, on the Backstreet Boys' "Into the Millennium" tour when they toured the U.S. in late 1999 and early 2000 as their assistant tour manager.

Carly is currently single but does go out on dates when she has a chance. Her belief is that she is young and doesn't need to be tied down to one person right now. Her work is extremely important to her and she doesn't want a man to get in her way of accomplishing goals that she has set for herself in her career.

Describe in detail the character's relationship with each of the following characters:

Kaci Roman - she thinks Kaci is really cool and sweet and is glad that Pete finally found someone who loves him for him and not because he is in a band. She doesn't know until Jayden visits her while Kaci is in Los Angeles, but Kaci is also friends with Jayden so they have that connection.

Justin Roman - she has yet to meet him but is excited to meet Kaci's brother.

Nick Carter - she knows Nick through the industry. The last time she saw him was when she was on the "Into the Millennium" tour, but the first time she's actually seen him and hung out with him away from the business was at Fall Out Boy's album release party where he got a little too wasted.

Kory Knight - she doesn't know Kory but can't wait to meet him.

Kaley Colecka - she isn't impressed by Kaley because of what she has heard around town about the Mayor's daughter.

A.J. McLean - she knows A.J. quite well and has a huge crush on him but knows she can't cross that line because of Kaci and besides that, everyone in the industry knows he only has eyes for Kaci anyways.

Pete Wentz - he is good friends with Carly and she loves hanging out with him and Patrick and is so glad he has found someone amazing.

Patrick Stump - she knows him through Pete and Ashleigh and thinks he is a cool dude.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy - she isn't sure of him because she doesn't think a straight, good looking guy dances ballroom (she thinks he's gay but she doesn't have a problem with gay people, she just thinks he is frontin' and his relationship with Karina is a cover-up).

Ashleigh Brown - her best friend out in Los Angeles.

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