What's Happening When...

Here is where you will be able to find what is going on IN the story. It's a "schedule" of sorts, that I update every time something "BIG" or "IMPORTANT" happens in the story. Any event that contain a photo to go along with it will be placed in the Photo Gallery section of this website. Anything prior to April 2003 is for your information and not in the context of Sweetest Taboo.

Events Calendar

May 2000

10/01/2009 03:10

Kaci and Angela become friends while continuously hanging out at Kaci and Justin's house.


April 2000

10/01/2009 03:09

Justin becomes friends with Angela, who he met while working at Chicago's B96.3fm        


June 2, 1999 to August 7, 1999

10/01/2009 03:07

European leg of the Backstreet Boys' "Into the Millennium" Tour

Opening Act: Vi3

Kaci tours with her brother and ends up dating Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean


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Upcoming Events

Chapter 54: The mystery of the Hollywood Rumor begins to be solved with the help of Justin!

Chapter 55: Kaci confronts A.J.! Kaci finds out about plans for the night!

Chapter 56: Kaci and Pete go to the Key Club! Things turn serious, official even!

Chapter 57: Beg and you shall receive! Kaci misses what she came for! Kaci gets a pleasent surprise! Pete ends up in the doghouse!

Chapter 58: Kaci and Nick spend some much needed BFF time together while in Los Angeles! Kaci catches up with a friend from Miami! Kaci makes plans for her and Pete! Alex lied...again!

Chapter 59: Fall Out Boy holds an Album Release Party for Take This To Your Grave!

Chapter 60: The aftermath of the party! A.J.'s in Vegas and not coming back!

Click on the photo to see the full-size (and readable) version of the Fall Out Boy "Take This To Your Grave" Album Release Party flyer