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OhMyLord! =)

05/02/2003 01:40
I just wanted to give a quick update. Apparently there is this nasty rumor going around Los Angeles about me. I am sad to say that I think that my father is the one behind this whole little stunt. Because of this rumor, I met up with Alex today. Actually, I just got back from seeing him. I had Pete...


Hanging out by the pool catchin some sun

05/01/2003 13:38
I'm hanging out with Pete still. I'm not at all happy with Alex. I haven't seen him since our fight at the house and in the parking lot of the Dancing With The Stars lot. He didn't go to the show that night, so I haven't seen him or returned his calls. I have to face him on Sunday though because I...


Guess What!!!

04/30/2003 12:21
I am having a blast here in Los Angeles. I've already worked out the details with the record label, and I begin recording songs for the album in May. I also am going to be going out on tour in May, but don't get your hopes up quite yet. This tour I am going on is as a guest of the group,...


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Hey it's Kaci. I am going to start blogging here instead of my other blog. That way you get everything in ONE place! I absolutely love the new website and I appreciate the love and support everyone is giving me!

xoxo, Kaci Roman

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