April 25, 2003

10/01/2009 03:16

In the early morning hours, after arriving home from Radius Nightclub, Kaci, who invited Jose over to spend the night, breaks up with Michael and starts dating Jose

While everyone is sleeping, Michael shows up at Kaci's house and vandalizes Jose's car, and when greeted by Jillian in the morning, he enters the house and steals Hayley

Nick flies home to Florida from California with Kaley

Kaci gets offered a solo contract with Latium Entertainment and accepts

While at the Y100 studio, Kaci learns of Angela and Justin's relationship

Nick calls Kaci to let her know that he is back for good from California, and wants to have dinner with her tonight so she can meet his girlfriend

Nick brings Kaley with him to Kaci's house after Kaci gets off work so that Kaci can meet Kaley, who just moved to Miami from Los Angeles

Justin treats Kaci, Jose, Angela, Nick, Kaley and Kim to dinner at Houston's in Pompano Beach, Florida upon losing a bet with Kaci



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