April 29, 2003

10/01/2009 03:26

Kaci meets with Latium executives to discuss her contract and crew in the morning

Pete calls Kaci after getting her number from Angela

When Kaci can't find A.J. while on the phone with Pete, she invites Pete over to A.J.'s house to catch up after years of not seeing each other

Kaci and A.J. go to the results show for Dancing With The Stars, but after the fight, only Kaci attends the show

After the show is over, Kaci goes out with Maksim and Karina to Hyde Nightclub, but soon after arriving, Kaci leaves with Pete

While catching up at his house, Pete invites Kaci out on tour with him as his guest for opening night and a few other shows on Fall Out Boy's Take This To Your Grave tour



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