April 30, 2003

10/01/2009 03:29

A.J. confronts Pete about Kaci's location while Pete walks his dog, Hemingway

Pete books Kaci a flight to Chicago so that she can tour with him for a few days on Fall Out Boy's Take This To Your Grave tour

Pete manages to get a pass for Kaci to attend the Album Release Party for Fall Out Boy's Take This To Your Grave album

Both Kaci and Pete post blogs (for Pete's blog, click on the link in the menu; for Kaci's blog, click on Kaci or go to Kaci Roman Blog)

Kaci and Pete talk about her relationship with her boyfriend, Jose

Jose moves in with his best friend Tyler

Kaci and Pete stop at Coffee Bean while out and about in Los Angeles

Kaci and Pete make plans for Kaci to record in Los Angeles so she can visit him

Kaci meets Patrick for the first time and gets her pass for the Album Release Party

Pete confesses he is crazy......crazy in love with Kaci, that is

Kaci talks to Justin while window shopping with Pete in Los Angeles

Kaci informs Justin of her plans to return to Los Angeles immediately to work on her album

Kaci and Pete make plans to fly back to Los Angeles with Justin on the MV&P jet

Kaci is free to see who she wants



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