Hanging out by the pool catchin some sun

05/01/2003 13:38

I'm hanging out with Pete still. I'm not at all happy with Alex. I haven't seen him since our fight at the house and in the parking lot of the Dancing With The Stars lot. He didn't go to the show that night, so I haven't seen him or returned his calls. I have to face him on Sunday though because I have to fly back to Florida with him Monday morning. Little does he know that I will be coming back here to Los Angeles within 24 hours of landing in Florida with him.

Anyways, Pete and Patrick and Travis and a few others are hanging out, and I'm sitting here catchin' some rays. I figured I would give a little bit of time to my readers. I found this survey, I'm going to take it now. Enjoy!

(001) Your gender: female
(002) Straight/gay/bi?: straight
(003) Single?: no
(004) Want to be?: a singer!
(005) Age?: 21
(006) Age you wish you were: The age I am now is fine with me!
(009) The color of your eyes: green
(010) Piercings: just my ears, cartlidge on my left ear and bellybutton for right now
(012) Tattoos: i have a few, might get some more...there's a star on my left wrist, a peace sign on my right middle finger and small cherries on my ankle

(015) Read the newspaper: sometimes, if I have time to
(017) Talk to strangers who IM you: Nope. That freaks me out! Only time I did that was when I was with Mike and was at the studio with him answering his IMs from the listeners. But I was also signed on to my screen name so I would ignore the listeners and just talk to my friends!
(018) Take walks in the rain: I try not to. It's not really fun cos you get all wet and its just gross!
(020) Like to drive fast?: It's gotten me in way too much trouble -- especially the Beamer!!!
(021) Hurt yourself: not intentionally!!

(022) Been out of the country: yes! My first trip out of the country was to Europe! It was AMAZING! It was with Justin, Jackie and Lucas and they toured as the opening act for the Backstreet Boys and I got to met them and became extremely good friends with Nick and also Alex, who I dated for a year and a half.
(023) Been in love: Yup, I am right now! :o)
(024) Done drugs: nothing illegal... just some alcohol here and there and a cigarette here and there (my family considers those "drugs" LOL)
(025) Gone skinny dipping: Yeah ... LONG story!!!
(026) Had a surgery: nope
(027) Ran away from home: no .. I love my home! I may spend the night at friends houses often, but I certainly am not running away from home! LOL
(028) Played strip poker: I'm not very good at poker, so my clothing would be removed pretty quickly!
(029) Gotten beat up: no
(031) Been on stage: yes! I was SO nervous too! Having Alex there with me made it a little better, but I was still REALLLLLLY nervous!
(032) Slept outdoors: does sleeping on a tour bus count?!
(034) Pulled an all-nighter: OMG, many times!
(036) Talked on the phone all night: Oh the good times! The funniest part is that in Europe one night when I spent the night on the bus that Justin was on, Alex called me and was like "look out the window" and there he was on his bus right next to ours! Europe was AWESOME to say the least!
(038) Slept all day: Nope! I'm usually up by 10am at the latest when there is no school! And it's horrible when I pull all-nighters!
(039) Killed someone: No, but I would like to!
(040) Made out with a stranger: absolutely not! Do you know how quickly that would make the headlines?! I could see it now!!! "Justin Roman's little sister Kaci makes out with complete stranger"!!! HELL NO!
(041) Had sex with a stranger?: Oh that would be an even better headline!!
(042): Kiss the same sex: not that I recall...well, maybe on the cheek, but not KISS KISS!
(043) Done anything sexual with the same sex? no
(044) Been betrayed: I'm sure I have ... actually I take that back, I KNOW I have! It was recently too! Aint that some shit!!!
(045) Broken the law: never ever o:-)
(047) Been on radio/tv: Umm, YEAH! I absolutely LOVE it too!
(048) Been in a mosh-pit: No ... when I go to those kind of shows, I'm usually backstage rockin' VIP status, never in the pit
(049) Had a nervous breakdown: came close
(050) Been criticized about your sexual performance: no
(051) Had a dream that kept coming back: yes.. do you know how FREAKY that is?!
(052) Favorite shoe brand?: Being who I am, this may sound totally weird, but I don't care what "brand" it is! A shoe is a shoe to me!
(053) Favorite music: Pop, CHR Top 40, Rap, Hip-hop, R&B, Latin, Punk/Pop
(054) Wear hats: Oh hell yeah! I rock hats!
(055) Judged other people by their clothing: Nah ... ok, maybe once or twice...
(057) Are you trendy: Yup!

(058) Life on other planets: sometimes I do, sometimes I don't ... depends on the day LOL
(059) Miracles: Oh hell yeah!
(060) Astrology: not really. I read it just to see and sometimes it's true, but most of the time it isn't!
(061) Magic: not particularly
(063) Love: OMG YES!
(064) Ghost: absolutely
(065) Rebirth: no
(066) Love at first sight: I don't know if I would call it LOVE or LUST at first sight. I think I've been involved in both with MY personal love life ... and I know there are people out there that LUST over me at first sight! WEIRDOS!
(067) Ying and Yang?: you mean the TWINS?! LOL
(068) Witches: this isn't Harmony now!!! LOL
(069) The Easter Bunny: no you silly wabbit!
(071) Do you consider love a mistake: not necessarily. I do know I would never take back someone who treated me like shit.
(072) What do you find romantic: surprise me! no seriously, surprise me!
(074) Turn-offs: liars, haters, cheaters, fake people ... I could continue but I will leave it at that!
(075) Do you base your judgement on looks alone: never..I prefer to look at it like this -- I base judgment on personality and looks are just an added bonus, like a cherry is on the top of a sundae!
(076) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone and physically unattracted?: no..that makes no sense! LOL ... there has to be atleast a LITTLE physical attraction! LOL
(077) What is best about the opposite sex?: I'm a sucker for eyes, a great personality and a bad-boy with a good heart!
(078) What is the last present someone got you?: well, there have been many, but nothing has topped Valentine's Day 2001! (at least not yet)
(079) Do you like/love someone?: Yup!:o)

(080) That you laughed at: Hmm...my guess would be Pete because he is the only person I have been hanging out with
(081) That laughed at you: probably Pete!
(082) That turned you on: Pete
(082.5) That kissed you: Pete
(083) That you went shopping with: Pete -- we were photographed, which is becoming annoying real quickly.
(084) To disappoint you: Alex
(085) To make you cry: Alex :o(
(086) To brighten up your day: Pete =)
(087) You saw a movie with: in a theater, it's been a while, but I watched a movie with Pete last night =)
(088) You talked to on the phone: Justin I think...or maybe it was Jose? I honestly don't remember.
(090) You talked to on text message: Pete
(091) Your best friend: I have a lot of them! Nick, Alex, Justin, Jayden, Pete ... just to name a few
(092) Smiled: all the time when I hang out with Pete. He always has a way of putting a smile on my face! =)
(093) Laughed: hmm, probably watching the movie last night
(094) Cried: the fight with Alex
(095) Bought something: Umm, I personally haven't bought anything, but the last thing that someone bought me was when Alex took me shopping.
(096) Danced: I don't know, maybe later tonight, Pete and I are going to ONE Sunset with some friends of his
(097) Who is your crush: I'm in love with a stripper ... JUST KIDDING!! Umm, my LOVE is Pete!



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