I Apologize

11/19/2009 20:01

I know I was supposed to send out the next Chapter in Sweetest Taboo on November 17th, since that is when Fall Out Boy released Believer's Never Die - Greatest Hits, but I ended up coming home and playing poker with my brother and his friend after bowling that night, so I didn't get a chance to send it out. I was going to send it out yesterday, but something came up and I just didn't have time to release it. I can't discuss what that something was besides letting you guys know that I am being stalked by someone, and not in a good way. This person is trying to mess with me, and I can tell you that they will not win this battle, but they REALLY got to me yesterday and I'm just so sick and tired of the bullshit.

On another note, a positive one, I have received some responses to the Character Call I am conducting regarding a possible girlfriend for Nick. I like that people are being creative with these, so I hope you will give the front-runner a run for their money and get YOUR Character Call in! You can find out more information about the Character Call in its appropriate section.

I WILL be releasing the Chapter that I was supposed to release on the 17th and it will NOT push anything back. I will not, however, be releasing on the 26th, seeing as how that is Thanksgiving. I will be releasing Chapters 54 and 55 on Tuesday, November 24th, in honor of Adam Lambert (the REAL winner of American Idol -- he will be worked into the sequal of Sweetest Taboo) releasing For Your Entertainment -- I suggest picking up a copy, I've already been able to hear the entire album, and if you loved what he did on American Idol, you will definitely love this album.

I believe that is all. Sorry for the delay, had this crazy bitch who is stalking me gotten the hint the first time, we wouldn't have this problem and you guys would have already had Chapter 54 by now!



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