12/07/2009 19:55

So, I've been more busy than I had expected, and I haven't gotten the chance to update the site at all. It has been a very hectic time since the last update. There was an unexpected death of a close friend, and I have been so pre-occupied by my reading that I haven't focused any time on writing or the website. I've really been neglecting it. But, hopefully with me being on book 3 of 4, and totally being able to picture the words I'm reading in the book, it can motivate me to write!

On a side note, about the books I've been reading. I had a friend call me on my way home from work on November 20th. We were supposed to go to Orlando that weekend but due to financial restrictions, that didn't happen. Instead, we went and saw New Moon. I could've cared less about the movie. I'm not into the whole vampire thing. Nor the whole werewolf thing either. But damn did that movie suck me in! Black Friday I went to Target and bought the series; they only had one, and they haven't replenished since then, so I think I got the last one.

Anyways, I'm not suggesting the Twilight saga because of the whole vampire thing. I'm suggesting it if you like the whole romance thing. I am not picking sides, there is no "Team Edward" vs. "Team Jacob" where I am concerned. In fact, it would be perfect if you were to combine the two -- "Team Edcob" -- because I love how Edward is so romantic, and how Jacob has a body. I know the whole Jacob thing is based off the movie, so maybe I am choosing Edward over Jacob...because anybody who can love someone THAT much, I'm totally on their side. I just don't think Robert Pattinson is all that hot. He's cute, but not HOT.

Okay, that's enough babbling about non-important stuff that isn't about the story. I should get back to work on it...but knowing me, I probably won't do that until maybe the weekend.

Oh and one last thing......HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON CARTER! :)

PS - there is still time to get the response to the Nick Carter Girlfriend character call in. I'll be busy this week and won't have time to look over all of the responses until the weekend. Remember -- DETAILS are important! Send responses to




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