OhMyLord! =)

05/02/2003 01:40

I just wanted to give a quick update. Apparently there is this nasty rumor going around Los Angeles about me. I am sad to say that I think that my father is the one behind this whole little stunt. Because of this rumor, I met up with Alex today. Actually, I just got back from seeing him. I had Pete take me to the Starbucks at the Hollywood and Highland Center to meet Alex to confront him about this rumor (it had him written all over it).

In case you haven't heard this rumor that is going around Hollywood, apparently I am Alex's girlfriend and the paparrazi were told this and that apparently I am cheating on Alex with Pete. The paparazzi told Pete that they were sitting outside of his house because they were "waiting to get the first picture of him and A.J. McLean's girlfriend".

Now let me clear this up... First of all, I am NOT Alex's girlfriend. I know where that rumor came from, and it is just that, a rumor. Therefore, if I hear one more person ask Pete about why he is out with Alex's girlfriend or anything along those lines, I think I will go ballistic!

On another note, I do have a boyfriend, and I am quite happy with my relationship. It's new, it's fun, it's exciting, but most importantly, I am HAPPY.

I have to get going now though. I'm going with Pete to meet up with Patrick and the rest of the group for their rehearsal because last time I saw Pete play was back in Chicago before I left for Europe! It's been almost 4 years since I've seen him play, I can't wait! If you are in Los Angeles, come out to the Key Club tomorrow night and see Fall Out Boy perform at their Album Release Party! (the album drops on Tuesday, it's awesome!)



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