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Alexander McLean
Kevin Richardson
Howard Dorough
Nickolas Carter
Brian Littrell
Leighanne Littrell
Baylee Littrell
Kristin Richardson
Pete Wentz
Kory Knight
Chris Marino
Michael Yo
Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Karina Smirnoff

Robert Pattinson

Justin Roman
Jackie Salvucci
Lucas Bowers
Miguel Cabrera
Chad Pitt
Alex Gonzalez
Juan Pierre
Derrek Lee
Dougie Stylz
Frankie J
Aaron Carter
Patrick Stump
Travis McCoy
Marcus Johnson 

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Pictures of Kaci Roman are courtesy of AshleeNSimpson.com [formally AshleeSource.com], Ashlee-Star.com, Ash-Fan.net, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (via Twitter) and various GOOGLE IMAGE searches I did.
Pictures of Pete Wentz are courtesy of Pete Wentz (via PeteWentz.com, Pete's Twitter account and FriendsOrEnemies.com), PeteWentzOnline.org, the above mentioned Ashlee Simpson fansites, the below mentioned Fall Out Boy sites, and various GOOGLE IMAGE searches I did.
Pictures of the Backstreet Boys are courtesy of BackstreetBoys.com, TheBackstreetBoys.com, AJMcLeanOnline.com, Backstreet Boys' Twitter account (group and individual), various GOOGLE IMAGE searches I did, various fans, me, and various others.
Pictures of Justin Roman are courtesy of Justin Roman and B96.3 FM.
Pictures of Kory Knight are courtesy of Chris Beale and my own personal pictures.
Pictures of Fall Out Boy are courtesy of PeteWentzOnline.org, Hopelessly-Hopeful (a Fall Out Boy fansite), Fall Out Boy's Official Website, FriendsOrEnemies.com, Fall Out Boy's MySpace, and various GOOGLE IMAGE searches I did.
Pictures of Ashleigh Brown are courtesy of MissBrown.org, Kaci Brown-Monroe (via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and BlogSpot), various GOOGLE IMAGE searches I did, various fans, me and various others.
Pictures of Kendra Stanley are courtesy of various GOOGLE IMAGE searches I did.
Pictures of Carly Garcia are courtesy of Christina Aguilera at Rogue (xtina-web.com) and various GOOGLE IMAGE searches I did.
Pictures of (Robert) Edward Pattinson are courtesy of Robert Pattinson Fan, Pattinson Online, Robert Pattinson Web, Robert Pattinson Online, Robert Pattinson at MrPattinson.com, Robert Pattinson Daily, ROBsessedTM, Robert Pattinson - Online, and various GOOGLE IMAGE searches I did.

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