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Sweetest Taboo, a fan fiction written by Brittany Avery, is the story of Jessica Kaci Roman, a twenty-something girl from Chicago who just happens to have some famous friends. Jessica, who goes by Kaci to most, has had a privileged life, touring the world with her highly successful brother (Justin Roman of Vi3) and dating countless celebrities, most notably, A.J. McLean of the Backstreet Boys. Since moving to Florida in late 2000, Kaci has been hard at work trying to get herself a record deal. Over the years, things have been up and down for Kaci in the music industry, but everything takes a huge turn for the better when she turns 21.

She has everything that she could ever want -- or so she thought. When things don't work out with a former flame, she turns to the one person who knows her inside and out -- and even he ruins it, pushing her into the arms of someone whom she never thought she would see, let alone fall so hard for so quickly again.

But not everything is as great as it seems. The one person who knows her inside and out is keeping a big secret from her. The high school sweetheart she learns that she never stopped having feelings for tries to commit suicide. Former friends start rumors and even her relationship with her brother starts to head south when he moves back to Chicago to pursue a radio career instead of his solo music career.

But, when all is said and done, just when you think things are not looking up for Kaci, through the toughest time in her life, the best thing happens.

Welcome Message

Originally, this was just going to be a website to link you to the "exclusives" blogspot website (now non-existant unless you have the direct link saved from before) and to where Sweetest Taboo is being hosted. In working on Version 2.0, I changed my mind and decided to make this into the Exclusives website for my story. In Version 3.0 and continuing on to Version 4.0, you will get everything here (the story is still being hosted by Carla though, that will not change). Feel free to browse around the website, and please let me know what you think! I am open to ideas for both the story and the website. If I like your idea, I just may very well use it. Enjoy the site and story!

About This Website

Here you will not only be linked to Carla's website, which is where you can find Sweetest Taboo on the web, but you will also get an insight into the Main Characters of the story. There will be, among other things, pictures and blogs with relation to the character and the story. Sweetest Taboo is a VERY interactive Fan Fiction. It is unlike any others when it comes to Fan Fiction. Most Fan Fiction is written based off purly fiction and a love for the people who are the main objects of the story (i.e.: the Boys of Backstreet, etc.). Sweetest Taboo, however, has some truth to the story. Sweetest Taboo originally was going to be a Vi3 story; that is why you won't meet many of the Main Characters immediately. The true Main Character of the story is a Fictional Character by the name of Jessica Kaci Roman. The story is based around her life, her friends, her career, and just everything Kaci.


It is not known if the numbers or addresses presented in this story are actual numbers or addresses. This is a fan fiction; therefore, whatever may be mentioned in the context of Sweetest Taboo is FICTION. Any resemblance is pure coincidence. I do not know nor have any contact with the members of Backstreet Boys, Fall Out Boy, Vi3, Frankie J, or any other musical artist mentioned in Sweetest Taboo. Kaci is a made-up character and is NOT Kaci Brown-Monroe nor any other Kaci in the music industry. Kaci is also NOT based on Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.

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If you have any questions, shoot me an email and let me know what you think, what your question is, or just that you love the story. Writers always love getting feedback, it's what keeps us going and wanting to write for you all!

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