A Character Is BACK

10/18/2009 23:19

So, I have decided to add a character back to the story that was written off over a year and a half ago. Let's just say that people forgive and forget and things pick up right where they left off. However, I do still reserve the right to re-write off this character. Oh and I also changed the pictures for the character.

So with that, Kimberleigh Marie Carter is now back in the story, and as of Chapter 66 is now portrayed in pictures by Jessica Simpson. The actual portrayer is still the same person, just the pictures have changed. It all has to do with where I took the story in Chapter 46 and am taking the story as I continue to write.

I think I found someone for Kendra, so that's all the character calls I have for a while. Nothing new going to be being added any time soon.



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