A Decision Has Been Made!

08/31/2009 18:08

This blog is very exciting, well at least to me it is.

I recently found that I am able to upload the story where it is available for download. I am going to burn the story, chapter by chapter, to a CD and take it to work with me. I can also do they PDF concersion at my parents house, but I don't think that my mother would be happy with me wasting her paper and ink! At work, I can get away with that.

I am going to try and do one chapter a day, and all chapters will hopefully be up and in PDF form by the time I release Chapter 55 (scheduled for a January 2010 release).

As I have previously said, I have been working on a new Official site. The new Official site is where the PDF files will be featured. This new Official site is already up and running, and contains much of what is already featured here.

As I state in the "Story" section of the new Official site, the decision to have the story available for download in PDF form in NO WAY will result in Carla no longer hosting the story. In fact, she is going to continue to host the story AND host it's sequel, America's Suiteheart.

This is still a work in progress, as is the site, and come January 2010, there will be a new host for the Official site, and hopefully things will pick up with regard to the story. April 2010 will mark SEVEN (7) YEARS I have been working on the story and I would like to get it finished!

Please remember there are still character calls available. Also, if you know SPanish, I have a request for you! If you aren't already in the story, you will be in the story if you can help me out with this Spanish part! It involved previous chapters and Spanish is no longer being used but I still need the translation done for the previous chapters! Most of it has already been translated, but the person who was doing it never finished it, so there isn't that much to be done. I fyou know Spanish and are interested, you can email me at SweetestTabooFic@aol.com.

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