Ahh! I Need HELP!

05/12/2009 03:06

I need a question answered, and I don't know who to go to besides the Backstreet fans.

It has to do with their security team.

Now, I know that Marcus Johnson is Alex's personal bodyguard/security...but I found out something today that has me REALLY confused!!

Is Marcus still security for Alex and BSB or do they have new security???

This is important to the story, because based on what I found out today, I can use Marcus in the story!

So, if anyone knows who BSB's security is, PLEASE let me know (and please have some sort of proof -- pictuers, article, SOMETHING)!! You can email me at SweetestTabooFic@aol.com or leave a comment here.

I need to know ASAP though, so any immediate help is GREATLY appreciated!!!!!

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