Chapter 49

07/20/2009 19:59

I just sent out Chapter 49. For whatever reason, at that time, I was having problems with my laptop. I restarted it and now its working okay. Sometimes, I want to throw my laptop into a wall, and tonight as I was trying to release Chapter 49 was one of those times for sure!

In this chapter, there are two blog postings...Grant it, you have had MANY opportunities to read each blog, as they both have been available for a while now.

The first one is Pete's blog, and it is featured on this website. Just click on "Pete's Blog" in the menu to your left and there it is!

The second one is Kaci's blog, but there have been other postings with the blog, related to later parts in the story, so I gave you a direct link. CLICK HERE to be taken to the blog. It will open in a new window.

Feedback is appreciated. You can email email your feedback to me or leave it as a comment on this post!

Be sure if you don't get it directly to your inbox to check out Carla's website in the next few days to read it! I am off to listen to Kory on Mix 105.1 FM ( and I think you should listen too! He is on from 12AM to 5:30AM EASTERN during the week and 12AM to 6AM EASTERN on the weekends! And when the new Backstreet Boys single is released, be sure to hit him up to request it, and if they don't have it, be sure to make them get it!

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