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05/10/2009 16:18

I had to redo the "Credits" section. The way I had it, it was slowing down the website, both for you and for me when I edit. I will probably do a "Photos" section, and if so, you will be able to find the pictures that were in the "Credits" section there. But that might again slow up the editing and loading of the site, so I might not do that. It's still one of those "maybe" sections I am thinking about.

Here is a run-down of each section, incase you haven't had time to check out each one yet:

"Home" is what you are reading right now. It's the "blog" on the site where I will update on what is going on, when I will release chapters, any characters needed (some going on now!), etc.

"Story" is where you are linked to the story which is hosted on Carla's website. Click on the banner on that page and you will be wisked away to the story. It also gives a disclaimer (different from the general disclaimer section), a bried overview of the story, how to contact me, and of course, a welcome message. It was originally the first page you would see when you came to this site, but I changed that so you would get the "updates" first and then you can go off to other sections.

"Kaci" is a section that contains a biography of the main character of Sweetest Taboo and a link to the Official Kaci Roman website, which is where you can find EVERYTHING about the main character of the story. Be sure to check it out, it's a cool website just like this one is!

"Pete's Blog" is well, just that, Pete's blog. It is strictly for the story and has NOTHING to do with Pete's REAL blog, which you can find at his official website, www.petewentz.com.

"Events" is the part of the website where you can find out what is going on in the story without reading it. But I highly suggest that you read the story because this section will contain only REALLY important details, whereas in the story you get EVERY detail. When appropriate, there will be a picture to go with one of the details of the story.

"Tour Dates" is where you can find the tour dates for the artists (Kaci, Fall Out Boy, Backstreet Boys, J.Roman) the story. In some cases, they are the actual venue and place the band is currently touring or has toured, just with different dates. In other cases, they are completely made up. And in some instances, it's a combination of both.

"Character Calls" is a really important part of the website because it is where I will hold ALL character calls for the story. I will NOT email specifics about any character calls, but will announce when I have some. All information for the character calls will be posted in this section, along with deadlines (if any).

"Executive Decisions" is where I will announce new characters, changes in characters, etc. for the story. A prime example for use of this section was when I decided to have Ashlee Simpson become the character of Kaci with regard to pictures.

"Exclusives" right now links you to the blogspot I made, but will probably become the place where the photos will be put, or deleted all together. I do not plan on using the blogspot any longer now that I have this website.

"Links" lists all the links related to the story. It also includes links to Pete Wentz's website and Twitter, as well as a link to the website where I get my pictures for Kaci.

"Credits" is where you can find out who is who and all the important "behind the scenes" people for the story.

"Disclaimer" is my "hey, this is a fanfiction, its not intended to describe real situations and the celebrities in the story don't know about it unless they find this site" note, along with other information and credits that didn't belong in the "Credits" section.

So, there is your run-down of the site. Please let me know what you think, what can be improved, etc. And if you are interested in being in the story, there ARE characters available, so check out the appropriate section for more information! =)

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