I have some GOOD News!!!

08/17/2010 10:51

Well, in my last "update" I had mentioned that I didn't back up the story before my computer screen got cracked and then died a couple days later. Well, I had a bright idea this morning and when I went in search of the proper USB cord, I found something better.

I was unable to find the right USB cord to hook the new laptop up to the old one, but I did find all my CDs, and on one of them is the entire story! I am so happy about that! I will review it and get to work on it this weekend hopefully. However, I did not back up any of the pictures that I recently saved, so I am still in need of the proper USB cord to hook up the new laptop to the old one so that I can get the information off of it using the screen on the new laptop.

Now that I have gotten the story back -- I still can't believe that it's the whole thing; at least thats what it looks like, maybe a little is missing, but not much, if any at all -- I can get back into the swing of things!



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