Issue With Credits

10/08/2009 19:56

I have done other stories and never followed through with them -- one of them my mother gave me the name for -- and totally forgot that I had put it on an OLD OLD OLD OLD website! I don't even remember what website it was, let alone the login and password for it.

I found out tonight, about an hour ago, that my parents are STILL snooping around and found this website. I got bitched out (and my mom even threatened to sue me -- she's crazy!) because I had both their names on the website in the credits. So, to avoid any more harrassment from my parents about my creative work, I am removing their names from the credits section.

When things become final with what's going on (again, I am refrained from talking about it because my parents), then I really don't give a crap what they say and will put the names back. And for the purpose of the story, I hope and pray that yesterday was the end of it, but I highly doubt that know the people we are dealing with!



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