Lack of Updates

11/28/2009 19:42

I know I haven't updated the website in a while -- and it just opened publically this week -- but I have been extremely busy with other things not involving the story. My co-worker is getting ready to go on vacation for a couple weeks, so I've been working more lately (and because of the holiday), and I bowl on Tuesday nights, and then lately have been playing poker (among other card games) with my brother and his best friend Tuesday after bowling, Wednesday, Thursday, and any other time we can play.

I will hopefully be updating the website (I'm mainly talking about the "events" section) within the next couple days, but most definitely by the time the character call I have going on ends.

Speaking of which, I've only gotten a couple, and I would LOVE to get more -- so please get those responses in!

Another thing -- my host will be changing email addresses soon, so I will be updating the Contact section soon as well.

Be on the look-out for all these updates in the next couple weeks!

I know I said that there won't be a release in December, so look for the next one come January 9, 2010! :)



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