May 2, 2003

10/06/2009 22:59

Kaci gets a phone call from Charles Chavez, the president of Latium Entertainment, her record label about a photo shoot for promotional photos to be taken on May 13 or 14, 2003 in Los Angeles.

Robert walks in on Justin's phone coversation with Kaci and questions Justin about Kaci's trip to Los Angeles.

When Kaci finds out about her father knowing about her trip to Los Angeles being with A.J. and not Nick like she had told him, plans are made to immediately fly back to Los Angeles to spend time with Pete and work on her album with Justin at Patrick's house.

Kaci gets another tattoo -- the word "Love" on her right wrist.

Pete prepares to ask Kaci to be his girlfriend. In doing so, he invites his friend Travis McCoy over to his house. The two go shopping and run into A.J. while at the store.

Kaci and Pete learn of a ridiculous rumor going around Hollywood involving both of them, as well as A.J. when a paparazzi sits outside Pete's house.



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