More MAJOR Issues With Weebly - I Can't Stand It!

09/27/2009 18:02

I am becoming EXTREMELY frustrated with Weebly right now! I have been trying for DAYS upon DAYS to add photos to one of the websites for the story, which was to be revealed January 2010, but OF COURSE, the damn site is NOT working! I don't know what else to do -- it is beyond annoying!!

Does ANYBODY know of a website that I can use for photos that does NOT have a limit on the amount of uploading you can do?

OR, better yet, does anybody know how to use Coppermine? I really wish I knew how to use Coppermine, but I don't...and I don't have the time to try and learn how to use it at the moment.

I really just need a website that I can upload photos to that gives me a code to that I can add it to the forum that I am working on that is going to be the "photo gallery" for Sweetest Taboo. I don't want to use Photobucket, Flicker, or anything like that, where photos can be found elsewhere besides the site I have set up for Sweetest Taboo -- which is what I was doing on Weebly, but like I said, of course, this shit is NOT working properly!

You can email me at and put in the subject "Photo Website" or something similar to that so I know what its about and don't delete it because I think it's spam!

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