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05/08/2009 16:37

I have yet to come up with an actual date for the next release, but I do have a timeframe that I am looking at. The next release will be sometime this month, but it all depends on if my friend Chris (who plays Kory in Sweetest Taboo) gets the job he is after in Colorado. Should he get the job, I will be joining him on the roadtrip out to Colorado, and should that happen, I will send the next chapter out before I leave for Colorado. If he doesn't get the job, then it will be the end of the month (around Memorial Day) that I will release the next chapter. It is EXTREMELY long because of the way I wrote it (14 pages!).

Thie chapter after that would be sent before I go to see Dane Cook in Orlando in June. That is all the updating I have for now. I am still looking for responses from the Character Call. Patrick's girlfriend is the one I am in need of most because I do need to add her to the mix, but I need a name and description for her. If I don't receive any responses, it will be up to me to decide, and I don't want to continuously change a character again, like I have with Kaci (Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is the THIRD person to portray Kaci in pictures).

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