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08/11/2009 19:46

I've been trying to work on the website this week...and I am having MAJOR problems with the website host! Every time I go to publish my sites (not just this one, but all the ones I have on this host), it either say there is a problem or the screen goes black!!!

If push comes to shove, I will be updating on the MySpace page which you can find by clicking on the link that is in the links section because I have tried numerous times to do a "click here" link and ITS NOTWORKING!!!

I have not been happy with Weebly the past month, so I might be on the search for a NEW place as the official website...which will suck because I will have to redo EVERYTHING...but I want a host that won't give me PROBLEMS!

If anybody knows of any websites that are GOOD and RELIABLE and I can CUSTOMIZE it to my liking, please let me know! Thanks.

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