Regarding Chapter 47 Release

06/27/2009 17:36

I am SO sorry for not sending out the next chapter!

As you may know, Michael Jackson passed away on Thursday...and I got a phone call from a friend asking me to do something for him. I immediately started on it because I knew it would take me a while to do.

As I am working on it, I get another phone call from my neighbor and he came over for a little bit. After he left, I went back to working on the project I was working on before he came over for my friend. I didn't finish that project until 5am!

I ended up getting up late and had to rush to finish packing and get up to Orlando!

I am still in Orlando...and I am not sure if this is a secure network I am on or not (when I turned my computer on, it automatically connected to the condo's network) so I don't want to risk sending the chapter and someone getting a virus or something.

I will send out the next chapter when I get home, and if I am not too tired, then definitely by the end of the month!!

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