Released Chapter 53

10/23/2009 20:58

Well, today is the anniversary for A.J. McLean of being sober. I am so proud of him. Too bad I couldn't keep it that way in my story. (Oops, did I just give something away? :-])

Anyways, if anybody has any last-minute character call responses for Kendra, they need to be to me no later than 11:59 p.m. on October 25th. Today is the official deadline, but I'm not going to do anything with them until next week, so I will give people a couple more days.

Next month, there are two chapters being released. Fall Out Boy can be blamed for that! Their new album, "Believer's Never Die" (a Greatest Hits album) drops November 17th, so there will be a release that day and also on Baylee's birthday (which is Thanksgiving this year, so if its not that day, it will be close enough to it)...or I may not even release for Baylee's birthday this year because of Fall Out Boy releasing the album the week before and besdies, Aaron's birthday would be right around the corner from then anyways (the next Wednesday after Thanksgiving), and that would be the next release. Right now, I just became undecided......

Anyways, the story... it should be up on Carla's website (where Sweetest Taboo is being hosted) within the next few days, a week tops. She is usually pretty good about getting chapters up quickly.

Feedback is always appreciated and can be given using the feedback page on this website! :)



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