06/21/2009 02:48

Over the next few days, I am going to try and get everything done with the website. I started last night with updating a few sections and adding previous things from the old website that I might not have transferred here for various reasons. I am continuing to move everything to strictly this website so that you have one place to go to for the story. As I have previously said, the only thing that you will not get at this website is the actual story, which will continue to be hosted by Carla on her website. Everything else will be right here in one convenient place!

I will not be making any of the pages unavailable while I am doing this revamp, so if you are visiting the site and one minute it is one way and the next it is another, you have ust witnessed the revamping first-hand.

So, if you have any ideas for anything you want to see on the website, please email them to me at That is all for now, I must get back to revamping the website!

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