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06/19/2009 02:54

I have not updated the MySpace in almos a month, and I do apologize for that. As I have previously posted here, my grandmother did pass away on May 24th, so I hope you do understand that what was going on was a million times more important than any story can or ever will be.

I am updating this website. I figured out how to make the main picture bigger, so I am doing that. I am having problems with my Photoshop program when it comes to adding text to what I create, so for now at least, the images will not have "Sweetest Taboo" on them, which sucks, but right now, until I (a) figure out why its not wanting to show the text or (b) add PaintShopPro to my computer, it will just have to be what it is.

I THINK I have found a person to portray the character I am desperate for. They responded to a different character call, but the character call they responded to was written off, so I am going to see how to adjust their responses to appropriately reflect the new character that will be in the story!

Oh and next week is Dane Cook's ISolated INcident tour stop in Orlando, which means that before I leave Friday morning I will be sending out the next chapter! (Note: It may even be during the week that I send it out, so keep your eyes on your inbox ... and if you aren't on the mailing list, what are you waiting for? Get on it by sending an email to with your name and the email address you want to have the story sent to!)

Oh and yes, I have begun writing for the story again! I got back to it this week while I was not hanging out with my neighbor! =)

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