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06/01/2009 20:49

It has been about 11 days or so since I last updated. A lot of things were going on and I just could not concentrate on the story, let alone release a chapter. Everything has been pushed back a month now because of the death of my grandmother on May 24th.

I have not looked at the story in a while, I have not had any ideas come to me for the story, I have just not been concentrating on anything besides family and friends.

I will try and start writing again, but I make no promises. Right now, I have a few chapters available, but will release the next one before I head to Orlando at the end of June to go see Dane Cook's ISolated INcident tour.

I am still looking for responses to the character call, so be sure to check that out. The character I am desperate for responses for is "Patrick's Girlfriend", who I have already written into the story in the coming chapters.

I am going to get back to watching The Bachelorette now, and have some ice cream. *yummy*

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