Small Issues With New Site, etc.

10/01/2009 21:58

I am having some minor issues with the website. It had to do with the photo gallery. I can upload photos (that's being weird too, but at least it [somewhat] works) but when I go to add photos to the gallery, Firefox stops responding. I haven't tried it with IE yet, trying to get everything in order, and I'm jumping from section to section, so I have no idea what I have done and what I don' t have done yet!

By the way, I really like this website...The original "theme" of the layout I am using was a cow, hence the splash of milk in the headings on the individual paragraphs/sections/etc.

The only bad thing is apparently my computer at work doesn't like this website -- but the other computer in the office does like it! I think that my work did something to my computer, because it is the same way as it is with this website for Facebook! I used to always be on Facebook while at work, and then one day, it just stopped!

Anyways, that has nothing to do with the story. I actually did some converting to PDF form today! Very exciting! I need to get the USB stick I have so that I can put the files on there and bring them home with me so that I can add them to the website....that is, if this host allows that? That plan was for another website, so I am hoping it will be able to happen on this website as well. If not, I will stop converting before I get too carried away with it.

That, I believe, is all for now. I am going to get back to working on the website and see what else I can do with it! :)



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