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10/06/2009 22:27

Well, today is the day! The new Backstreet Boys album is out, and thus, a new chapter for Sweetest Taboo is out.

First, the new Backstreet album. I'm upset because I bought the "Deluxe" version from Target. The whole "Deluxe" part about it is NOT true! The true deluxe version is supposed to have the DVD AND Helpless (featuring Pitbull). Well, it had the DVD, but not Helpless! The demo I heard for Helpless was AWESOME, and I was REALLY looking forward to having the final version of it...but nope, Jive Records disappoints YET AGAIN! (I will stop there because I am like Leighanne and could go ON AND ON about how Jive continuously screws the Boys over time and time again!)

Next, the story! There are going to be TWO versions of this story because it includes links to "extras" and I am not ready to reveal this website yet -- so the version you receive by email will be different than the version you will see on Carla's website come December 2009!

Oh and still looking for responses to the Character Call! Please don't forget about that!!!

Feedback can be given at the Feedback section of the website! :)



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