TWO New Character Calls

07/21/2009 19:54

I've come up with TWO new characters that I need responses to character calls. They are listed in the Character Calls section of this website. There is no deadline for Carly, but I need someone for Kendra by the time I release Chapter 59, which might be coming up soon.

Anyone who is not already in the story can do the character call. It is open to EVERYONE, whether you read the story or not, but I would hope that if you are responding that you read the story!

All responses, per the guidelines posted, need to be sent to with either Kendra or Carly in the subject (even if you end up changing the character's name, that way I know which one you are replying to and changing).

As I have with Ashleigh (Patrick's girlfriend), I have come up with answers for Kendra. I have yet to work on Carly, as she is not in the story just yet (just mentioned) but I will get to that point. It is up to you to change my mind about the character YOU are essentially creating. My ideas are open to being changed, as is always the case!

I look forward to receiving more responses than I did for Ashleigh! GAME ON!

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