Update on Character Call

10/03/2009 17:47

I thought that I made it quite clear in my Character Call about certain guidelines that I had for it. Apparently, I did not, so in that case, I am going to restate the guidelines that I have had an issue with, and a couple things about the character call.

First, the guidelines say that if you wish to change the characters name, that it MUST NOT be your name, or any variation of your name. I have had someone respond this way.

Second, the guidelines say that you must send the character call response to a certain email address. I have had someone respond to where I sent it.

Third, I have asked that a DETAILED response be given. It is very hard to come up with a character without any details about the character.

So with that, please do not send me an email saying "please pick me" because I won't. If you send me an email with a RESPONSE, I will consider you, based upon the reponses I receive.

Also, I mentioned that this character will have a connection with both the Backstreet Boys and Fall Out Boy. Please do not send me an email saying you wanto to be a certain member's girlfriend. The "connection" did not necessarily mean "girlfriend", and it definitely did not mean girlfriend when it comes to Pete Wentz, Nick Carter, Patrick Stump, Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson.

For your convenience, I have done a SAMPLE RESPONSE to a character call to show how DETAILED I would like the responses to be. You can find it in the Character Call section of this website.

If you have any questions, you can email me at SweetestTabooFic@aol.com or use the feedback section on this website.



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