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08/18/2009 18:18

There is a very valid reason behind the lack of updates regarding the story and this site. I have been busy working on a BRAND NEW site that incorporates the layout that I have been trying to do! It's not EXACTLY what I wanted, but its close enough and on top of the recent problems I have been having with THIS site and its host, I decided to "back up" the site, just in case.

I have NOT officially made the decision to move however. Anybody know has links and/or using the code for the Link Back button, nothing is changing......at least not yet! Its still in the beginning stages and I still have a few things to transfer over. But not EVERYTHING is being transferred over to the new site. There are a couple things that I don't like about the new site host, which is part of why I am holding off officially moving things completely.

Anyways, I thought I would quickly update. Make sure you know that the story hasn't disappeared and is still in the works! Actually, next release is coming up REAL soon! So keep your eyes open for it!

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