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08/13/2009 20:06

I have been having problems (major problems) with the Weebly website. I had looked into this host before, when I found out that Geocities was closing and well, I ended up going with Weebly anyways. At the time, it had what I needed.

Grant it, this host doesn't have EXACTLY what I need. Two things that are with Weebly and not this host are:

    *    I can change the blog dates to correspond with the story with Weebly, whereas with this one, I can not change the dates on the blogs.

    *    I can add multiple pictures at a time to a page on the website with Weebly (and it has a photo gallery application associated with it), whereas with this one, if I want to add more than one picture, it has to be one at a time (to the website, the uploads are multiple) and the "photo gallery" feature SUCKS! Thankfully, I have a photobucket account and can go that route by using a slide show, and the photos will end up on MySpace as well (the Sweetest Taboo one and the one for KaciRoman[dot]com).

I did NOT transfer everything that was on the Weebly website to this one though. Only the major things were transferred (mostly with regard to the Updates section and the Exclusives section) because they are blog and well, as I said, I can't change the date so that wouldn't benefit me at all.

If I had the money, I would just get an actual domain name, but I don't have the money, so I am stuck with free websites that have some things to benefit me and some things that don't. Right now, because of the problems with Weebly, THIS site is going to be the Official Website for Sweetest Taboo.

I kinda like this one better than Weebly because I can do more with it, design-wise/layout-wise. I don't know, we'll see...

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