Nick Carter Girlfriend

Nick Carter Girlfriend

The Character Call:
Below is the character that I want to add to the story and need more information. I know no information on this character. It is up to you, the reader, to become this character and provide me with the complete details of this character. The information requested here is NOT to be you and needs to be completely made up.

Current pictures being used are of: NONE
Chapter Character First Appears: UNKNOWN

Background Information on Character: NOT APPLICABLE

Please answer the following completely and in as much detail as possible:
Please provide a name for the character -- it must be at least three names (first, middle, last). Per the guidelines, it is NOT to be your name or any variation of it.

Please provide at least TWO nicknames for this character.

Please provide a picture of a celebrity and a few (2 or 3) websites/fan sites where pictures can be found. (If there are pictures of this celebrity with Nick, i.e. Paris Hilton, that's even better.)

Please describe in DETAIL the character. Physical details need to be described.

What is the character's birth date? You MUST include the year, as I am not asking for the age.

What is this character's occupation? (Please be original!)

Describe in enough detail the character's family and relationship with each family member.

Does this character have any pets? If so, what kind and what is/are the pets name(s)? (also please include whether the pet is a male or female)

Describe in detail the character's personality.

How did this character and Nick meet?

What is this character's favorite thing about Nick?

Does this character know prior to meeting Nick who he is and what he does?

What is this character's past relationship history? How long had they been together, where did they meet and what was their name?

What was this character's favorite thing about their past significant others?

Any additional information about the character you wish to include to help me pick you as the character?

Describe in detail the character's relationship with each of the following MAIN characters:

Jessica Kaci Roman (Kaci Roman)
Justin Marino Roman (J.Roman)
Nickolas Gene Carter (Nick Carter) [this is to be PRIOR to any possible relationship]
Kory Jordan Knight
Jordann Kaley Colecka (Kaley Colecka)
Alexander James McLean (AJ McLean/Alex McLean)
Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III (Pete Wentz)
Patrick Vaughn Stump
Maksim Aleksandrovich Chmerkovskiy (Maks Chmerkovskiy)

Describe in detail the character's relationship with each of the following characters:

Anastacia Tania Salvucci (Staci Salvucci)
Ashleigh Deann Alexandria Brown (Ashleigh Brown)
Giselle Carolynn Garcia (Carly Garcia)
Jayden Gabriel Dominik Garcia (Jayden Garcia)
Aaron Charles Carter
Kimberleigh Marie Carter (Kim Carter)

Have you been reading Sweetest Taboo?

THIS CHARACTER WILL HAVE A RELATIONSHIP (UNKNOWN AT THIS TIME) WITH CERTAIN MEMBERS OF THE BACKSTREET BOYS (and maybe certain members of Fall Out Boy, or any other artist featured in Sweetest Taboo, depending on my writing mood).

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